Our Mission

Teamwork is an essential aspect of any organization, whether it be in the private or public sector. In the case of governments, teamwork is particularly crucial as it enables various departments and agencies to work together towards a common goal – serving the people and fulfilling our mission.

Experience has shown that when teams collaborate effectively, they are able to achieve remarkable results. By combining their unique skills, knowledge, and perspectives, team members can tackle complex challenges and find innovative solutions. This enhances the quality of service we can provide for our government organizations, and that is our #1 Goal!


The Trusted SB/DVBE Procurement Solutions Partner for California’s Department of General Services (DGS).
Since our inception on January 1st, 2019, California Distribution LLC has risen to become a powerful vendor partner for the state of California and its dedicated advocates and procurement managers across DGS’s specialized departments. Our journey as a SB/DVBD run business began with a simple yet resounding commitment: we care deeply about California.

A Legacy of Trust:
California Distribution holds multiple government certifications as a Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise. Our legacy extends back to 2019. Over the years, we have proudly supplied procurement solutions to California’s Department of General Services and its many agencies. We’ve built a reputation of trust because we genuinely care about the people and the great state we serve.

Committed to Your Success:
At California Distribution, we are dedicated to assisting California DGS Advocates and Procurement Specialists in meeting and exceeding the mandated Small and Micro Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise requirements.

Your Partner in Procurement: We believe there’s only one industry: customer service.
We offer competitive pricing across multiple UNSCPS codes and commercial product lines. If we don’t carry a specific item you need, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are committed to sourcing and fulfilling your requests promptly and reliably. Our track record speaks for itself – we consistently deliver for California’s diverse departments, and we’re eager to perform for you.

Putting California First:
California Distribution (caldv.com) places the needs of our California partners above all else. No request is too late or too small because helping you is what we’re here for! Our friendly staff is dedicated to providing streamlined customer service that only comes from years of working directly with California’s DGS. As one of its most committed and dedicated SB/DVBE companies, our decades of experience allow us to provide rapid and competitive quotes to California Advocates and Procurement Specialists. We take pride in our relentless ability to research, locate, and source hard-to-find items for the state. Our networks are vast, and we take pride in coming through when others cannot.

In choosing California Distribution LLC, you’re not just selecting a vendor; you’re choosing a dedicated partner invested in the prosperity of California. Give us a chance, and we assure you we will do everything we can to make your job easier.
Let’s build a better California together.

At your service,

Joseph Littell
President – California Distribution